Thursday, August 20, 2009

Has another blog

I has another blog nao!

it is at

it is mai bullshit blog

it is niew

it is wuvly

it is IN!

I is speak LOLspeak

You is go visit i's new blog:

You is following it.


Monday, August 10, 2009

I need a vacation!!!

In case if I haven't properly advertised over and over again, its exam week over at Inti. And in case you don't know me, I plan ahead and therefore, here are my plans for my holidays:

1) Meet up with:
Saf, Sara, Dyna, Tassya, Justina, Sash, Cat, Mus, Nana, Daniel Goh, Sherry, Ridz, Tong, Pei San, Julia, Hana, Aiman, Dinesh, Darwin, Fani Fandi, Syaqua, Gene, Juelie, Lucille, Angel, Azza, Amy, Wendy, Bindi, Zingi, Nicole Chin, Aavi n partner, Michelle Augustin, Aunty Jen, Daniel Vampire, Botak Shahrul, Ms. Pots, Oscar, Michelle FD.
Its a long list so if I have somehow left anyone (namely you or someone you know) off the list, do contact me... To say that my memory is equivalent to an ostrich with amnesia would be a compliment.

2) Do my reading: The Game, Power of Now and all my newly purchased books.

3) Go shopping: Pull n Bear, CK, Sungei Wang etc.

4) Get motor lisence

5) Design office

6) Cook Salmon and make sushi

7) Do some DIY (The home improvement stuff not the well you know, stuff)


I got a feeling I'll have a pretty jam packed holiday break..
-Alexie- PS; Elaine n Me started a shared blog. So cools! Will update with links.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson / Farrah Fawcett

Dude, Jacko just died today its only right to include him in (and ridicule him.. haha joking..). Well, a sense of sadness I do not have but however, a sense of respect I do have.

I mc-ed for English Day. First time MC-ing, god I was nervous! And I did terribly initially but after the warm up and backup by my co-host, Andrew, it was AWESOME! Oh funny thing, I found out about Jacko's death only during the event when they publicized it. A few dances were tributed to the King of Pop in the event too.

Besides that, Elaine (Ho) and I were on the way back from Thurkahs and we decided to have a silent tribute to him. All the way back home,we would shut the f up as a way to pay our respects to him. Trust me, thats one tough feat for Elaine (Ho) and me and the worst part of the journey was 2 drivers on the phone in front of us chattering away and driving pretty unfocused, annoying the f outta our 19 and 18 year old brains. But we remained silent despite offensive hand gestures.

On another note, Farrah Fawcett from Charlie's Angels passed away too from cancer (nobody seems to know this cuz the spotlight's all on Jacko). Double Bummer.

from AlexieC
Btw, to all everyone out there, please do take care of your health. Heart diseases strike everyone at the unknown-st times. If Jacko and many other important people of both our lives have taught 1 thing, its to 'jaga' your heart. You don't want to be a victim.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Untitled 01

I wrote a song recently out of sheer randomness. It just flows in. Here's how it goes. It has tunes and guitar chords already. I just need a name for it. Any suggestions?

"I’m waiting and singing in the rain
The cold cold water drops on me but I don’t care
Cause you will be

There for me and
Be here with me
You are all I ever wanted

Share my teardrops
Laugh my laughter
You’re all I ever needed

I’m walking and stopping down this road
The darkness creeps upon me but I don’t care
Cause you will be

There for me and
Be here with me
You’re all I ever wanted

Share my teardrops
Laugh my laughter
You’re all I ever needed

So tell me what went wrong
Tell me how I’ve lost you
I could’ve walked along
But I would still love you
And I would be

There for you and
Be here with you
I’ll be all you ever wanted

Share your teardrops
Laugh your laughter
I’ll be all you ever needed

There for you and
Be here with you
Share your teardrops
Laugh your laughter.

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Acting" rich kids

Someone called me a rich kid.. Which I protested and said, "NO! I'M NOT A RICH KID! I'm an acting rich kid.." What is an acting rich kid? Let me show you the criterias required to be an 'acting rich kid'.

1) Owns a car (quite chun la) but no petrol wan.

2) Gadgets all latest but 2nd hand wan.. But he/she tells people that he/she bought it when it was just launched.

3) Handphone damn canggih but no credit wan.

4) Wears expensive designers but borrows money never return wan

5) And after that, no money to eat in proper restaurant will eat maggi

6) If they don't wanna cook, they will take away from the roadside stalls cause they will not be caught DEAD eating there by the other 'acting rich kids'

7) Conversation consists of how much items they own

8) Stays in areas that are 'high-class' but sharing it with 5 other people.. even so they're barely affording the rent.

9) Tells people they go on holiday trips but actually working somewhere secluded

10) Then goes back and tells people about the holiday trip based on reviews read online.

Oh I do not fulfill any of these above.. except maybe my car has no petrol sometimes.. If someone you know fulfills at least 4 of the above, make no mistake, he/she is an acting rich kid. If you fulfill at least 4 of the above, please do grow a brain.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The top 10 list!

Of modern day Wonders who inspire love for jazz. Here they are (in no order at all)

1) Diana Krall

2) Karen Souza

3) Sophie Milman

4) Shelby Lynne

4) Stacey Kent

5) Katie Melua

6) Jazzamor

7) Jann Arden

8) Chris Botti

9) Jamie Cullum

10) Dave Koz

A tribute to Eva Cassidy

Today, I discovered that my fav artist, Eva Cassidy has passed away back in 1996 due to melanoma (which is a type of skin cancer). Eventhough Eva has been one of my fav artist of all time, I know barely anything about her except that she retains a large essence of the Americana culture which I admire and love. Suddenly today I read her bio on and found out that she passed away from the disease. When I read that I just felt a sudden gush of sadness for her despite that she is just a stranger to me. I love her music, I love the culture that she lives by, I don't know her. Which is what made me feel strange because I barely know the lady, how can I feel sad for her death?

In the end, I concluded that: even if I don't know her as an individual but I know her soul. Her soul is her music. Her immortality is within her music. And as far as I'm concerned, even if she has been gone for 13 years now, she still lives with us today with her music. Great artist she is.

Alex (the outdated)